How it works and the benefits

There are 4 parts to this system, the first 3 get the coat in great condition and keep it that way, the last step would be used on show days for the perfect finish.

You only need to use a very small amount of these products to get a great looking and feeling coat.

Step 1 - The conditioner is the foundation to the system and makes the hair strong and healthy. It also fully hydrates the hair so that it doesn’t absorb things that will stain such as mud, grass, urine, tears and saliva. The coat will also not tangle once fully conditioned and your drying time will be reduced.

Step 2 - The shampoo is applied to a dry coat and is low sudsing so easy to rinse out while cleaning the coat and enhancing the texture.

Step 3 - The hydrating spray is applied in a very light mist to protect the coat whenever you are going to apply any tool into the coat such as a comb, brush or dryer/blaster. It is also a very good detangler when needed and will remove static.

Step 4 - The crystals are applied about an hour before showing, they are applied to the coat using a soft shaving style brush then activated using either a boar brush for short to medium length coats or a mixed boar/nylon brush for medium to long coats. They will give better depth of colour, shine and the judge will feel the correct texture for your breed. They will either make the coat lay correctly or give volume depending on your breed.

Please note that you will only get the best results by using the system as they are designed to work together.