• Triple set and Illumination shampoo **Summer Offer**

Triple Set

Triple set set consist of  Panagenics™ Conditioner, Shampoo and Hydrating spray 16oz bottle combination . Panagenics™ is an all natural odourless,non sudding,keeps PH within (5.0-6.0) Range,non tearing,leaves no residue,earth friendly,contains no toxins. Engineered to bring out your pets true genetic colour and brilliance that you seek. It can also be used on all coats and feathers (even Humans) making it a universal solution.*also take a look at our Trademarked Texture Crystals™*

Illumination shampoo

This shampoo will remove all previous remnants of hair products, mineral deposits, unnatural oils, dirt, debris and a variety of stains (urine and saliva) will be dissipated. 
The coat is now thoroughly cleaned and clarified ready to start the Panagenics system.

Triple set and Illumination shampoo **Summer Offer**

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